Women Rights

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Women Rights

What are Women Rights?Women rights are rights that women need and may not have. Some rights that women need are the right to an education, the right to be treated fairly by the legal system, the right to personal safety, the right to an adequate standard of living, the right to marry freely and the right to citizenship. Which Countries Need Women Rights?Countries that have war, that are poor or are uncommon have the least amount of women rights. Some countries that need more rights are Afghanistan, Iraq, Nepal, Pakistan, India, Somalia, Chad, Sudan and Guatemala.

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How Can The UN/Canada Help?The UN and Canada are in the process of helping countries around the world with women rights. There are organizations, like Save the Mothers and the C.S.W, that help women. Save the Mothers is an international organization that helps new mothers in third-world places like Africa, through their childbirth and their early stages of their motherhood. C.S.W is the acronym for Commission on the Status of Women. They have many goals for women. They call them 'Priority Themes'. For example, in 2011, their priority theme was access to an education for girls and women. Next year, the priority theme is women empowerment.

How are Women Treated Differently then Men in Their Workplace?Even though it is clinically proven that men and women share 99% of the same DNA, women are treated differently in their work place. For example, if women are successful they may be considered as 'snobby' in their co-workers eyes. In the tech industry, it is more likely for a man to get a job than an equally qualified woman. If a woman does get a job in the tech industry, it is proven that they will get a lower salary than a man would.

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