Women Partcipation in The Great War

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World War I

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Women Partcipation in The Great War


Women Participation in The Great War



Blue Textbook


Women working in munition factories were not in the best place in regards to health issues. Aside from the fact that they were not working in proper conditions, in these factories it expanded their knowledge, their skill abilities, and got a higher pay.

Women were called in the war for duties such as employing in the Royal Air Force, working in the Civil Service, working in operating drills, soldering irons and presses. They were also subjected to help with smaller tasks such as sewing uniforms, being ambulence drivers, house wives, and teachers.

When war broke out...

Munition Factories

Canadian nurses were considered to be "Bluebirds" while they were travelling overseas and taking care of wounded soldiers. The name "Bluebirds" came from the fact that they wore blue uniforms.

Women finally were able to vote in federal elections by 1918.







War at Home

War at home was not exactly the easiest. As men were recruited, this put more pressure on women because they had more responsiblities such as caring for their farms, doing house work, and taking care of their children.

Women were not always treated fairly during the Great War. This was because men did not see women as their equals. Women were not important in the eyes of society even though they were one of the most valuable people during this time of greif. Their efforts were not appreciated during the Great War but their contributions led to the change in Canada's identity as well as women gaining equality.


Canada's Identity

The women in the Great War's contributions were definitely worth it. All of their hard work and efforts greatly paid off by giving females freedom and civil rights. Their actions gave women a chance to explore their individually and this is a big part of Canada's identity. Today, females are able to live as they wish in a safe place and it is all because of those women. Previously, it was seen that Canada's identity influenced women, but today we see it as though women have influenced Canada's identity.

The affect women had on the future of Canada was so great, the world would not be what it was today without them. Canada is now known as a diverse and inclusive country and women in the Great War proved that they were important and were just as worthy as men were. They were selfless and contributed to the war in carrying on the duties the men serving overseas typically took care of. Because of women, Canada's identity completely changed over time.

Women were involved in Canada's identity because one of the important turns for women was when they were able to vote, and then gained their equality and human rights. Women gave Canada a significant part in its identity because Canada does not decriminate. Women fought to get what they deserved, and to be treated fairly. Women were beneficial regarding Canada's identity because of how big of an effect they had on society. Females today would never be treated as they are if it had not been for the women in war to stand up for what they believed in.

Their Affect




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