Women on the Home Front

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Social Studies
World War II

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Women on the Home Front

Women on the Home Front

The first improvement women made was that they got to do more jobs when men went off to war. They replaced men and did men's work when men went out to war. They got to break out of their traditional role of doing "women's work." They helped the war effort by working in factories to make ammunition and other supplies for the war. They got to work for higher wages, in better conditions, and gained more independence.

The second improvement women made during World War I was earning the right to vote. The first World War earned women more respect and helped them be able to vote and participate more in government and decisions.

The last thing women really helped with during World War I is with propaganda. Women helped the war efforts by buying liberty bonds. They also planted liberty gardens to help grow food during the war.

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This is a propaganda poster encouraging women to plant liberty gardens.

Women were an important part of World War I. They made many improvements in the way they were treated.

Women and Work

Women and Voting

Women and the War Effort

This is a poster encouraging women to help out around the house to get throught the hard times and win the war.

This poster shows a patriotic woman holding the American flag to encourage people to fight.

This photograph shows a woman working in an ammunition factory to make supplies for the war.

Watch this video to learn even more about women helping on the home front.

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