Women of the American Revolution

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Women of the American Revolution

When General Greene needed to get an important message to request protection from the British troops, Emily volunteered to do the job. Although she was familiar with the terrain, she was eventually caught by the enemy. However, she ate the paper message to keep them from knowing the reason for her mission.

Deborah disguised herself as a man and enlisted in the Revolutionary Army using her brother's name. She fought until she became sick and a doctor discovered her secret. He kept her confidence until it was eventually discovered that she was a woman. Deborah was honorably discharged.

Women of the American Revolution

Molly Hayes






Esther founded the Philadephia Association, the largest women's organization of the Revolutionary War. Her group made warm shirts for the troops. Each woman stitched their name on the collar. Their kind work raised the spirits of the troops.

Lydia overheard the British soldiers' planning a surprise attack on George Washington and his men. She personally delivered this news to him, even though her Quaker religious beliefs forbade her from becoming involved. However, after prayer, she concluded that many would suffer if she did not warn Washington.

She became famous for for bringing refreshment to the American soldiers with her pitcher. Molly took on her husband's position of firing a cannon at the British forces and was commissioned "Sergeant Molly Pitcher" by George Washington.


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