Women in WWI

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World War I

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Women in WWI

In WWI, the government looked to women for help in the blink of an eye. Since many men went to war, hundreds and thousands of women replaced men's jobs in factories, offices, and stores. Women also helped by building army vehicles, such as tanks and Jeeps, ran farms, and became nurses for both soldiers and civilians. At army camps, women resupplied soldiers with food, clothing, ammuniton, and guns.


A couple of main reasons led to women conrtibuting in WWI. 1. Most governments looked to women for help. If a lot of men were going out to war, people were needed to replace them for their jobs, so women stepped in to fulfill the role and help the war effort.2. To help their families. Many women wanted to contriubte to the war to keep their homes together when their husbands were away.

The consequences of women contributing to World War I was only related to women getting hurt while working in munitions factories. Women who worked in munitions factories had to deal with terrible working conditions. The sulphur in the gun powder caused skin yellowing and lung damage. Also, women were always at risk to accidental explosions, which could severely injure several women working in the area.

Although many women had to leave their current jobs when the war ended, many people thought differently of what women are capable of.


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