Women in World War II

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Women in World War II

The Women of World War II

Women played a very important part in World War II. It was critical for Americans to have the women leave their places in the home and enter the workplace. Many women took over the jobs that had previously been reserved for men. Women became carpenters, rieveters and took jobs in factories for the first time. Throughout this unit we will look at how women helped on the home front while men served on the front lines throughout the world."Women and World War II" Discovery Education.

QUIZLET!!Study terms used throught the unit on World War II here

More Women during World War II on the web!

More Women during World War II on the web!

During World War II, the women were responsible for keeping things running properly at home. How do you think they felt with the responsbility of providing for their families, taking care of the children, and still worrying about their men that are fighting in the war? Do you think it would be difficult? Do you think that a woman can actually do a man's job? How has this idea changed since World War II? What types of jobs do women have today that they did not have in the past?



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