Women in the War

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Women in the War

When the war ended in November 1918 8.4 million women were granted the right to vote.

-200,000 women took up jobs in governmental departments-500,000 took up office work-250,000 worked on farms-700,000 women did workin the munitions industry, which was dangerous work-Many more women did ship building and furnace stoking-In July 1914, before the war broke out there were 3.2 million women in employment. This had risen to 5 million by January 1918

When war broke out and men were rushed to the front lines women were there to help keep the countries in war functioning. Not only did women help the war, the war helped the women.

Women in the warby: Bridget Epaul

The Eligibility of Women Act was passed in November 1918. This meant that some women could now be elected as members of Parliament.

Women served in the navy and marines, and thousands served as nurses.


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