Women in the Tang court

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Women in the Tang court

Women of the Tang court

Women Another way for a woman to gain importance was if her husband had died and she was the oldest living member of the family. That gave her power over the family as she was the oldest living member. But other than that, Confucius taught that women's roles were in the home.

Change During the long, dark period of Chinese feudal history that lasted more than 2,000 years, however, there was a brief and sunny respite for ancient downtrodden Chinese women. This was during the 618 to 765 zenith of the Tang Dynasty. Scholars from later ages agree that, compared to the majority of ancient Chinese women, those of the Tang Dynasty were blessed to have lived at this propitious time.

Upper class women The aristocrat class was one of the great strengths of the Shang dynasty. The local lords provided the Shang rulers with soldiers and officers, as well as with workers for the many huge Shang construction projects.Becoming a lord involved ceremonies in which the king gave gifts to the lord. Unlike the Shang aristocrats, Zhou lords attended the king's court.

One Fact -The Tang Dynasty is considered a golden period in China, much like the golden period of ancient Athens. It was a time of great achievement in arts and literature.

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The women in the Tang court gave women the right to work in court and the government.


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