Women in the Revolution

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Women in the Revolution

Contributions to the RevolutionBefore: Women never enjoyedthe politcal rights they had- which was very limited. Married women had no authority to sign contracts, and anything owned before marriage became her husbands. Unmarried women could own private property, although they paid taxes no colony let them vote, hold office, or serve on a jury. Women were considered subordinate to men.During: White women who were married to partiots could often go with their husbands to the field and serve as nurses and cooks. Although their contributions to the war were limited by the commanders.

The Expansion Of WomenBooks began to be written by women for a female audience like Susana Haswell Rowson's book titled, "Charlotte Temple" in 1791. This book helped develop education and literacy for women. The heriones in novels provided examples of how wrong women of the century lived in a male dominated world.


What did women gain?

"REPUBLICAN MOTHERS"Women instructed their children, specifically boys to be intelligent reasonable individuals. This title created a new commitment for women. it helped make husbands and wives more equal within the family. This solidified women's role in the home. This should have been enough for women to have the opportunity to raise patriotic children.


Long Term


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