Women in the Middle Ages

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Social Studies
European history

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Women in the Middle Ages

*Wealthy women in higher classes wore more dresses and more expensive clothing.*Lower class women (peasants) mostly wore kirtles.Fun Fact: Kirtles are made out of wool.


MOTHERHOOD!* mothers often made their children work outside or inside the household* girls would play dress up in theur free time boys would practice warfare in theirs. *Mothers tried to take care of their children the usually lived till approxamtely 9 years old.

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Women and children got no education, if they were from a peasant background, but if they were in a higher class some women and children got some education.


*Women had little control. Only in the households Men mostly controlled the women.*Women would work on farms,making and selling food and beverages,and nursing.


Women in the Middle Ages.


Rules of motherhood and marriage.

<---- Wealthy women clothes.

MARRIAGE!* Women could not divorce their husbands.*Women families would pay a dowry when she got older and married. Dowry-money or property that a wife or wife's family gives to her husband when the wife and husband marry in some cultures


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