[2015] Gwen Fleming: Women In The Civil War

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[2015] Gwen Fleming: Women In The Civil War

Layer 1Drawers(under pants)Chemise(long Undershirt)Stockings

Layers Of Clothing


WOmen During The Civil War

The Civil Wars Impact On Womens Lives

Many womens lives changed when the Civil War started in 1861. In fact all the peoples lives changed. Women had to take care of their children without their husbands and it made life even harder than it was back then. Lots of families were broken up and it was hard not to worry about your loved ones out on the battle field. Back when they did not have the knoledge about diseases like typhoid and a ton more, made life even more hard.


Jennie Hodgers(aka Albert Cashier)- Jennie or Albert was a lady that dressed acted like a man and fought in the Civil War. If you werent listesing durin Jaycies pesentation Jaycie mentioned she camped out in Belvideere after the war.

Famous Lady from(Ireland) Belvidere

Women Attire

(aka this is Clara Barton)

Layer 2CorsetCrinoline,Hoop Skirt or 1 to 2 petticoats

Layer 3Petticoat bodice, corset cover,or camisole

Layer 4Bodice Skirt BeltSlippers(shoes)

Layer 5Shawl or JacketButton up bootsGloves or MittensParasolBonnet or HatBag or PurseHandkerchiefFanWatch pocket

Fun Fact:Living in the South was harder then living in the North

Many women participated in the war by going into the battles as a man or they became nurses.

Women At Home Women's lives changed dramatically. Sicne all the men were out fighting women took over the jobs at home. They would go out to the fields like the men did,(if you did not have slaves), and go work at factories to give suppies to those on the battle fields. Other wise women just worried about there loved ones out on the battle field and did thier normal stuff around the house(clean,cook,etc.).

Women SlavesWomen slaves lives changed to. Many slave owners who went out to war would often bring thier male slaves with them out to battle. this left the women to do all the hard labor that the men would do and the stuff that they did normally.