Women in the 1920's

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Women in the 1920's

Women in the 1920s

With the 1920s came a new type of woman: the flapper.

With their newly aquired right to vote (the 19th amendment was ratified August 18, 1920), the modern and practical clothing styles brought about by the War, and more women in the workplace that ever before, women were able to cast off their confining, traditional lifestyles and live modern, independant lives.

The flappers' most defining characteristic were their style: Flappers ditched corsets and tight, high-necked, long-skirted gowns in favor of loose dresses with short skirts and dropped waists. They cut their long hair into short, boyish styles., and wore heavy makeup, even rouge.

Flappers were also known for their scandolous lifestyle. These young women openly smoked, drank (defying Prohibition), and danced wildly in public. They were open about sexuality and other previously taboo topics.These behaviors were unheard of before the 1920s.

New dances like the Charleston and the Shimmy were fast-paced and considered wild by older generations. They were the flappers' dance of choice and went perfectly with their music of choice: jazz.

Older generations did not approve of the flapper lifestyle. The flapper's provocative clothing, wild partying, loose sexuality, and reckless behavior mortified them.

Even though at the time they were seen as digraceful, today we see flappers as bold, independant, fearless young girls who redefined women's roles in society and set the stage for gender equality today.


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