Women in the 1920's

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Women in the 1920's

The pressure to be beautiful emerges within the 1920's with the creation of make-up, the evolution of women's fashion with shorter hair, and smaller coverage of clothing and the sense of body image of being skinny and beautiful grew immensely. Even the excpectations of men took to this idea, "I pay our women well so that they can dress nicely and get married," Henry Ford.

The mind shift - Feelings towards women began to shift where pre 1920's women were expected to live restricted lives, expecting to be modest, poliet, no make-up, no sports. However, due to the men leaving for war, women achieved work experience by taking over the mens jobs, where they gained confidence. - Many advancements in technology began to emerged such as the vaccuum, and washing machine, which made housework much easier, and behaviors began to ease.

Women in the 1920'sHow did the 1920's lay the foundation for women in later years?

They started to smoke in public, drink with men, fashion exploded, as they began to wear more daring clothes. They would go out with men without chaperone and even kiss in public! Women even has money on their own, and would even be less likely to stay in unhappy marriages as society views shift.

Women were begining to become independant!

Living Proof of the Effect of 1920's Marilyn Monroe was born in the midst of the 1920's, where she grew up in the chaos of it all. She was a direct presentation of the effect of the 1920's where in 1962 she died from a barbiturate overdose. Monroe was the greated sex symbol of all time and she truly captured the life of a new born women, being a actress, model, and many more. She had a very hard childhood in where she spent her childhood in foster homes, but she found her way to come out of it and mke herself successful which was the new feeling towards women at this time.

In 1921, The very first Miss American Pageant took place.

Film explodes!

The 1920's is where women and men decided what women need to look like, and we really see the effects of that today with many mental health issues such as: depression, anorexia, bulimia, suicide and many more.

Film blew up and gave women new roles such as modeling,newspaper, magazines, film, industries, and they began to notice that sex sold more than anything!

Marilyn Monroe was a direct presentation on how society kills us, and how the 1920's helped to form the thoughts of what a women need to look like.

"How to be beautiful" Unfortunately being beautiful is a very problamatic issue in today's society. Yes, the 1920's were great for women's independance, however, it masked many issues in later years for the pressure to be perfect.


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