Women In Politics

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Women In Politics

Pictures(Captured of women engaging in Muslim political values)

Article ByRania Matar

How Far They Have Come in 4 Years

Muslim Women In PoliticsIslam has started to influence the lives of women in Lebanon like never before, and it has become a driving force for Muslim women to engage in politics. Women are now starting to pick up on more traditional Muslim values. The female veil, which was not frequently seen in the past ten years, has begun to make a comeback. In some ares, this veil is seen as a simple mode of fashion but in other areas, it is seen as spiritual devotion. These hijabs may help to conceal a woman's features, but it does not nullify her drive and motivation.In the past what defined a person politically was their nationality, but now it is starting to become their religion that defines them. The relationships between the Muslim women are strong; they band together based on their faith and their political prospects.

Muslim Women Engage In Politics


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