Women in Ancient Greece

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Women in Ancient Greece

Ancient greece women focused on the home.Wealthier women would learn to supervise the house slaves, guard the house provisions, budget expenditure and arrange for storing belongings neatly.Women were also responsible for the nurture of their children.Women of wealthier families had their own quarters in the home. Women would cooked, cleaned, sew and raised the kids.


Women in Ancient Greece did not have may rights .Women couldn't inherit property but they could give evidence under oath and under a special procedure.Women didn't appear in court.Women didn't have the opportunity to commit most crimes as were not in the public space. Women could not achieve political rights, although metics and even slaves could.Citizen wives shared citizen status as they could have sons who were citizens and daughters who could marry citizens.

Spartan Women

Unlike Athenian women, Spartan Women had had a great deal of freedom. They did not need their husband's permission to leave the house and they could run a business. They were trained warriors and had attended military school outside the home.



Women in Ancient Greece


Women in Ancient Greece


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