Women in Afghanistan

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Women in Afghanistan

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WomenIn Afghanistan

Women in Afghanistan Women in Afghanistan have suffered very much because of the laws placed by the Taliban. For example, they have not been able to go out freely without a man or wear what they desire. They have always been seen as lower than men. Women are treated with little or no respect because men are considered superior. Women are restricted in ways unimaginable. They are not allowed to expose their feet in public, also women are not allowed to show their faces in public. They are required to wear a burqa, which is an outer garment worn to cover the body. These are just some of the restrictions that women in Afghanistan have to face.

Violence against Afghan women widespread and unpunished A new United Nations report has described the extensive and increasing level of violence directed at Afghan women taking part in public life, as well as the "widespread occurrence" of rape. The 32-page report – Silence is Violence – says that "violence, in the public and private spheres, is an everyday occurrence in the lives of a huge proportion of Afghan women" and occurs against a backdrop of institutional failure and impunity. The argument that it is more important to "have security rather than human rights ... is absolutely the wrong concept, since you need human rights for sustainable peace," said Dr Sima Samar, Chairperson of the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission, who participated in the launch of the report. Echoing the report's conclusions, the High Commissioner said "the Government has a duty to eradicate these harmful practices, by making them illegal, educating its population and demonstrating leadership and commitment to safeguard the rights of all Afghan women and girls.” “The silence surrounding the widely known problem of violence against the girls and women of Afghanistan must be broken," she said.http://www.asiapacificforum.net/news/violence-against-afghan-women-widespread-and-unpunished.html


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