Women in Afghanistan

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Women in Afghanistan

Difficulties for Women. January 1, 1991- First girls school.August 1, 1921- Child Marriages bannedApril 9, 1923- First consitution formed. Banning slavery, forced labor and garauntees secular education and equal rights for men and women.October 1, 1924- Women may choose their own husbands.November 8, 1959- Marking the official end to state-enforced veiling of women.December 29, 1979- Soviets destroy Afghan government.September 1, 1996- Taliban takes over and institutes severe Shariah Law.Current Day- Women are still abused and forced into marriages, and have very few rights.A Thousand Splendid Suns articulates this by showing Laila going from a beautiful young girl, to a "hag", like Mariam.

After the Taliban

Before the Taliban

Before The Soviets

After The Soviets

Women in Afghanistan

Before the War.And After.

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