Women Entrpreneurs Create a Peanut Grinding Micro-Enterprise

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Women Entrpreneurs Create a Peanut Grinding Micro-Enterprise

People are faced with challenges in poor counties in Africa. Some include, drought, civil war, poverty and diseases. Drought makes it hard for farmers to water their crops, Civial war affects the economy and government. Poverty is hard to escape and is very hard for people in Africa. Malria a common disease from misquitos and can wipe out entire communites.

Some micro-enterprises can be found in Mali, Africa. In Mali, a micro-enterprise that was created is grinding peanuts.

Women in this village use a multifunctional platform to grind peanuts into peanut butter. They can even grind about 100 peanuts per hour!

In Africa, women struggle with challenges even more than men do. Gender-based division of labor makes it hard for Women to get jobs. Women usually have a lack of education. They take care of the family and have very little time for anything else.

A person pouring peanuts into a multifunctional platform.

Women-Entrepreneurs Create a Peanut Grinding Micro-Enterprise

Here are women in rural Mali grinding peanuts.

A map of Mali, Africa

Gender-based division of labor is where men and womens jobs are seperated.A multifunctional platform is a machine used for many uses like grinding peanuts.

A micro-enterprise is a small buisness with no employees.A micro-entrepreneure is a person who startes and runs thier own buisness.

By: Abby, Jessie and Phillip

This text talkes about gender-based division and women-entrepreneurs.

Many lives in small communities have been affected by women who created a micro-enterprise where they grind peanuts.

Women have helped their communites by selling peanuts to raise money. They use this money to give other women oppertunities like education and to update the multifunctional platform.

After they grind the peanuts they sell them at street markets to raise money for their communities.


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