Women During World War II

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World War II

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Women During World War II

Women during World War II

Although World War II was a hard time, it gave American women many jobs they had never before received. Many jobs were empty after men began to join military services. Women therefore began to fill jobs that were "reserved" for men. They took many positions in jobs such as production, the military and also at home and in the community.

Women in the MilitaryMany women helped by joining military services. They joined Nurse Corps, Aviators and also the Armed Services. The Nurse Corps was estabished in 1901 and used worldwide during WWII. Aviators flew military aircraft during battle and also from manufacters to military bases. Armed Services wasn't fully authorized until 1943. After that however, they started in office.

Women in ProductionWomen took many jobs in Factories, Critical Jobs and Munitions. In the Munitions they built lots of military supplies such as aircrafts. Many women also joined because the wages were 40% higher. Women also took many jobs in factories. Production went up by 200% between 1939 and 1945. Women began doing Critical Jobs as taxi drivers, in the media and also on the rails.

Women at home and in the CommunityWomen at home began volunteering in making or repairing clothing. Others joined The Civil Defense. In the Civil Defense many organizations formed to volunteer military services and civilian civil defense. They also trained women to drive ambulances and other emergency vehicles. Women around the community also helped by limiting supplies needed for war production.

Women Serving the MilitaryMany women chose to help the military locally rather than leave the U.S.A. Many women took mens jobs in office as "Government Girls". Others joined Red Cross. They were nurses for the military and also helped serve food in service clubs where the military was. With so many open jobs, women began to do nuclear research in labs and coming up with new ideas for war supplies. Finally the USO was formed by six private organizations. They provided shows and food with Hollywood performers for the military.

Rosie the RiveterRosie the Riveter was made for a propaganda campaign, used to encourage women to work during WWII. Rosie the Riveter was loyal,efficient, patriotic and pretty. It was in !942 that the "Rosie the Riveter Song" became popular.Many women noticed and responded to Rosie the Riveter; joining the military or taking higher paying factory jobs.

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