Women and the Revolution

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Social Studies
American History

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Women and the Revolution

•Cooked and helped soldiers•Seamstresses•Took care of estates when men were gone•Became spies•Started the “Daughters of Liberty”•Soldiers•Dressed up as men and fought

Results of the Revolution

•Government allowed education •Started to be recognized by law•The Republican Motherhood is created•American Female academies founded in 1790’s•Education and the respect lead to a powerful, outspoken, middle class of women. •Gave them the strength to fight for more rights

Before the Revolution

•Had almost zero civil rights•Considered inferior•Lack of even more rights for women married•Wives independence was not recognized in economic, political or civic matters•No education•Worked in the house•Ministers even preached the lowliness of women

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Women and the Revolution

During The Revolution

CLAIM: The women of therevolution contributed their husbands and their own services to help out. They gain in the long run civil rights.


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