Womans Fashion in the 1920's

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Womans Fashion in the 1920's

Dresses become shorter and looser in the 20's than ever before. Hemlines went from just above the ankels to slightly above the bottom of the knee

Fashion in the Roaring 20's

The growing fashion industry created many job opportunities. Gabrielle Chanel, AKA Coco Chanel, created many styles of Flapper dresses that were comfortable with various colors and were easy to do the Charleston in. Everyday woman modeled themselves after movie stars and famous designers. After awhile, it was usual to see woman in public with short hair, dark makeup, and a cigarette in her hand

Every-day women modeled themselves after movie stars and famous flappers. They inheireted bad habbits such as smoking and drinking in public. Also short hair cuts and dark makup became popular

Because of the fashion industry creating many jobs in the 20's, especially for woman, schools started offering dress making and millinery classes

New ideas of fashion and beauty created new hobbies for women and the felt self empowered and beautiful.


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