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Wolves are called canis lupus. Wolves are mostly gray with black or white patches of fur. They have slim bodies and are about 27 to 32 inches above the ground. Baby wolves are called pups or cubs. Wolves run and walk. They can run up to 36 to 38 miles per hour.Their speed helps them catch their prey like deer,moose and elk. It only takes two months for the wolf pups to come. They are blind and deaf at birth. Each pup is about one pound at most. Each litter usually has about four to six pups but some can have more. Wolves live for about four to six years. Once they have found a mate,they usually are together forever.

Fun Fact Wolves have 42 teethincluding 4 huge fangs at the front.

Wolf HabitatWolves live in Canada,Poland,Scandinavia,Russia,Portugal,Italy and Spain.Wolves can find food in all their habitats but some times it can be hard.Wolves live in dens.Wolves live in forest,grassland,mountains and tundra.

Human ChoicesWolves are an endangerd species.Wolves were poisoned and hunted this the dead wolves were brought in and sold for money this was called bounty hunting.Wolves have also lost there homes[cutting down trees,building roads]

Food ChainWolves are omnivoresnot only do they eat meatbut they eat berries and earthworms.Wolves areat the top of the foodchian nothing will eatthem.

AdaptionsWolves are dependant upon their social group.They can be aggressive towards otherwolf packs.Often they use howling to inform wolves not to come in their territory.They heavily mark their territory with urine and secnts they make from their bodies.Rolling around on the ground and rubbing aganisttrees to help them release their secnts.Wolveshave teeth


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