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Wolves have 8 or 9 members in a pack but in some packs there can be up to 20 or 30 pack members. A male wolf can way up to as 80 to 110. When wolves are 2 they become an adult. When wolves see a human they don't run. Wolves have diffrent type of howls they each have there own meaning.

Wolves live in cold and warm climates. They live in Mexico,Greece, and India. They live in dens and hallow logs. They also live in the western part of the United States.

Wolves eat big and small animals, They eat small animals like beavers, and rabbits. Wolves also eat big animals like moose and caribou. Wolves biggest predators are humans. Wolves are becoming endangered becasue of us.

Wolves are very muscular. They have big broad feet to get through the snow and to run faster. They have a very wide head. Wolves have strait and bushy tails. Wolves can grow up to 6'2'' long. They have strong muscular legs to carry them. Wolves have long course hair. Wolves have large ears to hear better. They have very sharp teeth to rip thier prey apart.


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