[2015] Megan S (alumni): Wolves

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[2015] Megan S (alumni): Wolves

Wolves are predatory mammals that are commonly found in the northern most hemisphere. They are the largest animal in the canine family, and by far the most feared. Throughout children's literature, wolves can be found, but hardly ever are they of the friendly sort. Wolves are often depicted as evil, vicious, and horrid creatures in many children stories, such as The Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood. While I agree with the morals of the stories, I have to say I hate that they choose to use wolves as your run of the mill villain, looking to blow your house down or eat your grandmother. Wolves really aren't the vile creatures many think of them as.


There are many species of wolves, such as the well known gray wolf (top left image), the red wolf (top right), the tasmanian "tiger" wolf (bottom left)(extinct), the arctic wolf (bottom right), and many more!

Wolves are legendary for their spine tingling howl. Howling is one way wolves communicate with eachother and to find nearby packmates.

Wolf Aerial Hunting^This video made me cry. Wolves are majestic creatures and are like us in so many ways. People should not be hunting these beautiful animals.

Wolves Howling>Hearing a wolf howl is both eerie and exciting. See your furry friends in action here!

Megan Seifert10/15/15


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