Wolfgang Amedeus Motzart

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Wolfgang Amedeus Motzart

Two of Motzart's Songs: Concerto for piano and Orchesra (d-minor) K.466 and Eine kleine Nachtmusik- Concertgebouw Kamerorkest

This is Wolfgang Amadeus Motzart. He was a child produgy and he was a great piano player.

The Classical Time PeriodWolfgang Amadeus Mozart1756-1791Eine Klien Nacthmusik-Concertgeboaw KamerorkestConcerto for Piano and Orchestra (d-minor) K.466Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born on January 27, 1756 in Salzburg Austria. Wolfgang played the piano, violin, and the organ and went on many tours all over Europe with his sister. He also was a child prodigy meaning he had an impressive talent since he was a child. His big talent was that he composed music at a very young age. Wolfgang began composing at the age five and in 1768, he wrote his very first opera. By the time it was 1784 Mozart’s son was born, Karl. Mozart died at the age of 35 in Vienna, Austria. Even though he had a short life he still considered a genius today.Aditi Patel

Wolfgang Motzart was born in Salzburg, Austria.

This is a hand-drawn portrait of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.


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