Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Date of Birth:January 27, 1756 Place of Birth: Salzburg, Austria Death Date: December 5, 1791

Accomplishments:- Learned Piano at 3- Started writing music at 5- First symphony at 9- Became assistant concertmaster for the royal court of Salzburg at 17- Wrote over 600 pieces in half a lifetime

Personal Info:- Homeschooled by his father- Composer- Married in August 4 ,1782 to Constanze Weber- Son named Karl Thomas

Important Dates:- Went on first tour in 1762- Went to Italy and met G.B Martini in 1769- Appointed at the court of the ruler of Salzburg- Mother passed in 1778- Became concertmaster in 1779- Father passed in 1787

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"Love, love, love—that is the soul of genius."—Wolfgang Mozart


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