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Wolf Text Structure

Wolf Text Structure Project

Wolves and dogs can have some differeces and some similarities. To start off the similarities of a wolf and a dog are that they both have a good sense of smell. Another similarity is that they put their ears back to show submission. Next are the differences of the wolf and dogs. A wolf eats rabbits, mice, birds, snakes, fish, and other animals. However a dog can eat dog food or human food. Another difference is that all wolves is that all wolves have yellow eyes but however a dog can mostly have brown eyes or blue eyes. Another difference is that a dog has spent hundreds of years living amongst humans and thus have evolved to be very different from their ancestors but however a wolf has been the same through out the years. Lastly a wolf's head is much bigger than a dog's head and that it is because of their big brains and plus they are more intelligent. See now you know most of the similarites and differeces about the wolf and a dog.

A wolf has many ways to survive the wild. Firstly wolves will treat dogs as interlopers on their territories and many attack and kill them, especially if the wolves have pups nearby. Depending on where they live, wolves live mainly on meat from such animals as deer, moose, elk, or bison. They also eat beavers, rabbits and even mice. Wolves do not eat humans in fact they are are very shy around people and try to avoid them in the wild. When hunting in the winter the wolf will conserve energy when ever possible, by following the same trail as the preyanimal, staying upwind, and staying out of sight of the prey as long as possible. A wolf can have many ways to survive.

A wolf's life cycle starts off as a pup and then they grow up to because stronger and a good hunter. First a pup is born in a den with a litter of four to six pups that are all born toghether. Pups are born completely blind and deaf but have a good sense of smell. Secondly usually a pup stays with it's mother for as long as 7-8 months. A pup will leave the pack usually by the second winter. Lastly a wolf then finds it's own pack and starts all over with the life cycle. A wolf's life cycle can last for a long time.

Wolves are endanger for many reasons. The effect is that wolves are endangered. One cause is that most people used to be afraid of wolves and thought they were dangerous to humans. Between 1850 and 1900 more than a million wolves were killed. In 1907 the call was given for the total extinction of the the species. Another cause is that used to poison wolves, therefore poisoning is probablythe main reasons why there are so few wolves left today. The last cause is that people would bring in a dead wolf. They did this to get money. This was called bounty hunting. These are the reasons why wolves are endangered.

By: Ashley Lara Elizalde


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