WMS 7th Grade Research

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WMS 7th Grade Research

One neat fact about author...Quote....Birth/Death Date

1.What events in the writer’s life changed or influenced him/her?2.What choices did the writer make that affected him/her and shaped who he/she became?3.Who inspired your writer? What authors did he or she read?4.What was the writer’s childhood like? I don’t want dates; I want description.5.Is there a topic or theme that this writer uses over and over in their material?6.Where does this person gather ideas for their writing?7.What kind of education did your writer achieve?8.Was your writer always a writer? If not, what other jobs did they have?9.How old was your writer when he/she first published their work?10.Now that you have learned a little about your writer, what about him/her do you find: inspiring, encouraging, or fascinating?

Edgar Allen Poe

Answer your research question here. What significant contributions has _______ made to the world of literature?

Type Works Cited HereCite your book and at least 2 websites you referenced.

8-20 Line Excerpt 1.What does the author do well? (3-5 sentences)2.Give three examples of good word choice and explain how it affects the work. a.Word 1- Explanationb.Word 2- Explanationc.Word 3- Explanation


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