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WL Judson - Zipper

New colorful zippers

WL Judson


Witcomb L.Judson

WL Judson

It all started when Elias Howe recieved a patent in 1851 for an "Automatic, continous clothing clousre." Maybe it was the success of the sewing machine, but he didnt pursue making his clothing closure.So he missed his chance to become the "father of the zipper."

Born in Chicago, Illinois in 1839

Elias Howe


In 1893, judson desined a similar divice called a "clasp locker." He then recieved a paton for it.

Being the first one to market, Judson got credit for being the "Inventor of the Zipper," but his patent did not use the word zipper.

This product didnt really catch on right away. About 20 years later Gideon Sunback the product by replacing the and eyes with interlocking teeth.

Zipper Teeth

Gideon Sunback

In the early 1920's, Goodrich placed the fasteners on a new line of rubber boots. They eventally made the name thaqt we all now today, the zipper.

Goodrich named the product the zipper because of the sound it made.

A simple diagram of a zipper

W.L. Judson's patent for the zipper

Goodrich company

Extra Facts

The two main uses for zippers back then were for boots and tobacco.Then 20 years later the fashion industry got convinced to promote the product on garments.

Judson invented the zipper for his friend that had a bad back. So instead of his friend bending over for a while to button his shoes, he can now zip them up.

Old fashion boots with a zipper

Now a days zipper are on shoes, dress, coats and more.

Clothing and shoes with zippers

Last year zippers made a profit of 8.2 billion dollars. In 2018 the profit is supposed to go up to 11.2 billion dollars


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