[2014] Gabby Garro (ENG1De): Wither

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[2014] Gabby Garro (ENG1De): Wither

The story is set in a future where scientists have sucessfully enginered a perfect generation of humans that are completely disease free. The problem is that the first generation's kids get a virus that kills them at age 20 for females and 25 for males.


The novel is about 16 year old Rhine Ellery who is kidnapped, along with many other girls, by Gatherers. Rhine and two other girls are chosen to be wives of Linden Ashby and are forced to live with him and his father at their mansion. Each of the girls take their new life differently but Rhine refuses to live out the rest of her limited days there. While Rhine is there she learns the cruel ways of Vaughn, Linden's father, and realizes the urgent need of her escape. Rhine, with the assistance of the people she meets there, plans her escape to get back home.


"You've been captive for so long that you don't even realize you want freedom anymore.""I can almost see what Gabriel meant when he asked, 'What has the free world got that you can't get here?'Almost.Freedom Gabriel that's what you can't get here."


The theme of the book is fighting for the freedom of your life, before it is too late.

Runaway by Pink

WitherThe Chemical Garden Trilogy


This song relates to the theme of the book because the main focus of the book is Rhines escape and the song, as the title gives away, is about running away.


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