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Sledge was born in November of 1923 in Mobile, Alabama and died in March of 2001. He graduated from Mobile High School in 1942 and enlisted in the Marine Corps at Marion, Alabama in December of 1942. Sledge then transferred to Georgia Tech for an officer training program. He then flunked out and transferred to San Diego to start boot camp and join the Marine Infantry. Sledge became an official marine on Christmas Eve of 1943. He was then sent to Camp Elliott with platoon 984 to specialize in 60mm mortar use. Sledge then boarded a ship and transferred to Camp St. Louis. He was assigned to K Company, Third Battalion, Fifth Regiment, First Marine Division (K/3/5). In August, sledge transported to combat in Peleliu against the Japanese. He described combat as being psychologically devastating. When combat ends, Sledge spends his time resupplying command posts with water. After 30 days of combat in Peleliu, Sledge transports to Pavuvu. During the next time of combat, which lasted 50 days, Sledge was a stretcher bearer. So he did not have to enter the combat zone. The goal of combat at this time was to capture the Kunishi Ridge. Combat was very difficult because it was always raining. The Kunishi Ridge was finally captured, and the war ended on August 15, 1945. Sledge returned home in April of 1946.


I have learned a lot about the life of Eugene B. Sledge from this book. For example, Sledge grew up in Mobile, Alabama, and he also joined the Marines against his parents wishes.

-----------------------------~Knowledge Gained Statement~-----------------------------

“...Combat guaranteed sleep of the permanent type only.” P. 11When going into combat you are almost guaranteed death.

“During prolonged shelling, I often had to restrain myself and fight back a wild, inexorable urge to scream, to sob, and to cry.” P. 79The emotional effects of war are so traumatic that it makes it very difficult to even carry out events of everyday life.

“My fright subsided into chagrin.”P. 201Sledge was so afraid of war, He became angry about it.

“I felt like a fool and was thankful my buddies couldn’t read my thoughts.” P.127Sledge felt so much guilt for shooting enemies in battle, and he didn’t want his friends to know that he wasn’t as brave as they thought he was.

“With privilege goes responsibility.”P. 344Although it is a huge privilege to be accepted into the marines, it is a very large responsibility.




Although I wasn’t very interested in reading this book at first, I actually enjoyed it. This book is very informative, but also has a very good story line. Therefore,I would recommend this book to someone else.



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