Witch Hunts

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Witch Hunts


The Mark According to the book 'Witchcraze' by Anne L. Barstow, searching an accused witch for the following marks to the right was proof that the accused was a witch.

Dehumanization Depriving the so called "witches" of their human qualities. Categorizing them. Believing they should be feared...because they could heal.

How Was It All Started?

Some witches had one mark while others had all.

Witches Now.....

A Witch For Us....

What's A Witch? Back in the the 14th century a witch was considered to be a woman that was old, lame, bleare-eied, pale, fowle, and full of wrinkles. Basically they were the "ugly ones". They were accused of not only murdering, poisnoning, sex crimes and most of all helping/healing. A woman healing a person was contemplated as some next level magical power. As soon as others were discovered witches (majority of the time women) were being hunted, killed, hung and well you get the idea.

Witches Then...

Walpurga Hausmanin Walpurga was an elderly widow who supported herself through being a midwife. However, she too was called a witch and she was brought to trail in 1587. Her neighbors told the court that she was going to kill them. 


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