Wishes, Witches, War 1690-1699

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Wishes, Witches, War 1690-1699

Wishes, Witches, War

Before The Salem Witch Trials

Before these trials the puritans were affected by King William's War between Britain and France, the threat of attack by the Native Americans, and a smallpox epidemic. Additionally the belief of the devil giving magic to people to cause other people harm was prevail during this time.Also it was common practice back in Europe.

The During of The Salem Witch Trials

It started in Jan. 1692 when Elizabeth Parris and Abigail Williams became ill and didn't get better. The doctor determine that the cause of was witchcraft. 19 women were hanged with one man crush to death and 7 who had died in jail. The trials finally ended in early 1693.

The Legacy of The Salem Witch Trials

By the end of the trials Governor Phips dissolved the system that were accusing the people of being witches. In Jan. of 1697 the court deemed the trials unlawful and they passed a legislation that restored the accuse of their good name but the damage is done, along with the community.


King William's War


From 1689-1697. Was fought between England with her allies and the French with her allies. The war was not only bragging rights but the extravagant fur trade. The battles were mostly fought in frontier settlements. Peace was temporary by the Treaty of Ryswick in 1697. Fighting began again with Queen Anne's War in 1702.

The rate that people were coming to the colonies increased due to the Headright system introduced in 1691 (gave 50 acres to people who pay their way to Virginia). These people wished for religious freedom, a fresh start or even a sense of adventure



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