Wisconsin history

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Wisconsin history

Slave lifeslaiv's were brought from Africa to WI on big boats they were wiped and they worked very hard and they got payed little money and got little food . If a slave ran awy If someone found that slave They would turn the slave in for a great amount of money. The south naeded the slaves for they big plantaitions.

Paleo PeopleThe Paleo people were at the time of the ice age they hunted Mamiths and they colected barries.They allso had sheltur under logs and they staied in groups

Wisconsin History

Life as a Native AmricanSome Native Amricans lived i wigwoms, T.Ps, and mud houses. They hunted, farmed, and picked burries. Black Hawk thoutht that it was not fare that they had to move off there land so Black Hawk started a war called the Black Hawk war.

Jean NicoletJean Nicolet was born in 159os. He came to find a water way to China but he ended up in Green bay .Where he rested with the Native Amricans. He latter died at saint larwes river when he drownded.

fur tradefur trade was very popiler back then two of the most popiler trading posts one of the trading post was on the Mississippi river. The other post is on the WI river

life as a PioneerWhen the pioneers landed in WI. They had to hunt and they had to worck very hard and life was very harsh. The pioneers farmed and had to gather food


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