Winter K/2

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Winter K/2

Winter Science

Adaptation Experiment: MittsThere are many adaptations we make when it is snowy. Can you name some? (Jackets, hats, mittens/gloves, boots, scarves) What protection do animals have from the cold? (Shelter, hibernation, thick fur, blubber, warm feathers/down)Make some mittens to experiment with human insulation. 1. Take materials such as shortening, cotton balls, bubble wrap, foil and feathers and place each in a Ziploc bag, spreading it out, covering the inside surface of the bag. 2. Place a second bag into the first bag so it is in the center of the insulating material. 3. Use duct tape to secure the top of the inside bag to the top of the outside bag. 4. Put the mitt on your hand and immerse it in a basin of icy water. 5. What were the best insulators? Which were the poorest insulators? Compare your results to the insulators used in gloves/mittens you buy at the store. Compare the materials to animal materials, such as polar bear hairs which are hollow so that the hair shaft and air work like the bubble wrap.


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