Winter Dreams

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Winter Dreams

How does this fit the story?Modernism fits this story because Dexter Green is a 14 year old boy and he had an unusually change in his life. He was working as a caddy until he quit his job so he could become the person Judy Jones would want him to be. He then later found out she had cheated on him and he found another girl named Irene and he was planning on marrying her. Judy came back and wanted to marry him after he had already planned to marry Irene and she thought that Dexter wouldn't have ever loved another girl, but it turns out he did.

SummaryDexter Green is a fourteen year old caddywho quits his job all over a girl. He falls deeplyin love with a girl named Judy Jones. He investesinto a luandry bussiness and becomes pretty wealthy.He was tricked into believing that Judy had really loved him when she took off with other people. He got engagedto Irene Scheerer months later after Judy had tricked himand later on he ran back into Judy at a club and she askedhim to marry her. He went on living the rest of his life and forgotall about his dream to be with Judy Jones.

Winter Dreams

By: F. Scott Fitzgerald

Alex EverettA2 English

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ModernismMy definition of Modernism would be that in the 19th and 20th century there was a period were things began to take an unexpected turn which had changed the way of traditional lifestyles and the way people looked at and reacted at the world.This showed optimism and the importance of an individual. During this time technology increased an new cities were built. This period also caused Imagism and the Harlem Renaissance.


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