Winston Churchill

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Winston Churchill

1874- Born65 years old - became Prime Minister1945 - help defeat Germany1953 - earns a noble prize in literature.1965 - dies

Winston Churchill was born in 1874 Novmerber 30 in Oxfordshire, England. Winston wasnt very intellingent and was the rhe lowest boy in the lowest classes. In 1893 winston entered Royal Miltary college. After that he became a reported and reported for many wars. Later after being a reported Winston went into politics and servered many positions such as undersecretary of state, Parlioment, Prime Minister. When he was Prime minister he was part of the big three and helped to defeat Germany in World War two. After the war he resigned and lived a easier life and earns a noble prize in literature. At the age of 90 Winston Churchill died from a stroke.


Winstons biggest accomplishments are that he stood up to Germanyb in World War 2 and gave it his all and finally defeating Germany. Winston also earned a noble prize in literature and wrote many books about the wars. He became Prime Minister and was a very strong leader which was awarded by the Queen of England with the highest honors.


Winston Churchill was one of the best leaders in the world and helped to defeat Germany in World War 2


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Winston Churchill



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