Winston Churchill

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Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill is recognized as one of the greatest wartime leaders in ww2. He helped Britain get through the war and to never back down. During ww2 winston churchill played a huge role in not only leading britain to victory but having major contributions to win the war. WInston Churchill had great leadership, war strategy, and perseverance.

Winston Churchillby: Aaron Leong and Jesse Leaman

Winston Churchill had many leadership traits. One of his traits were communication.Communication is an important trait because if you do not communicate to your soldiers then they are going to have no clue what to do and they would be worthless. Another trait was his passion for the war. He offered nothing but the best for his country during the war no matter what. Another one of his traits were the visions he had for the war. His visions consists of goals that he would like to accomplish during the war. He would share these visions with his soldiers so that they would no what to achieve. One of his most important traits is that he took action. Like it says in the song Obedience: “Action is the key, do it immediately and joy you will receive”, Churchill used action as the key and he received joy.

Winston Churchill also had a war strategy. His strategy was unique because of the unity of politics and war. He believed that politics and war are one. In January 1943 he met with Franklin D. Roosevelt in Casablanca to figure out where to attack. They decided to attack the war front to get to Italy and Sicily and to invade them. FDR and Winston Churchill sent men to the pacific to help the Soviet Union.Churchill wanted to join the Americans to create a post war agreement that limited Stalin, the Soviet’s leader, to dominate Europe. His strategy consisted of being an orator. He gave many speeches which boosted Britain’s moral.

Winston Churchill never gave up. Whether is was mastering painting, battling his own political party or defending his country, Churchill was not a quitter. He is a great example of a man whom when confronted – confronts right back and never surrenders. Now, this does not mean that all men should look for a fight – only that we should care about the fights that matter.

Winston Churchill relates to The Hiding Place. In the book during World War II Hitler was killing Jews and holding some of them in concentration camps so Jews started to hide. This relates to Churchill because he was one of the many people that were against Hitler doing bad things to the Jews. So Churchill was trying to save the jews and stop the torcher hitler was causing them.

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