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Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill is one of the greatest and most high statesmen of the 20th century. He was born into a great life with many luxuries, but he decided to put his work and time into public service. He was an optimist and a soldier who defended his country. He is well known and looked at for being just a hero to everyone. Winston was born on November 30, 1874 at the family’s estate close to Oxford. He was taught at Harrow prep school, where Winston did so badly in his education that he didn’t even try to apply for Oxford or Cambridge; instead he decided to go to military school.

Despite Winston’s foresight and training, the war was still neutral from the beginning. He tried to experiment new ways of doing things, Winston planned a military crusade that began to turn into a disaster. His new attempt at trying something different was the 1915 attack of a Gallipoli Peninsula in Turkey. Winston hoped that this would make Turkey surrender and convince the Balkan states to join the allies, but Turkey confrontation was much more complicated. After 250,000 deaths, the allies left them in disappointment. Then, Churchill left the Admiralty.

This topic is still important information today because it shows our history. If we didn’t have history we could still be living in some of these tragic events (like the Holocaust) and we wouldn’t be here today. Winston Churchill is a hero because Churchill accomplished great things in our history. Winston fought for the military and served for us. He protected and impacted many people in our country, and that’s what one person calls a hero.

I have chosen this topic about Winston Churchill because I feel my classmates and I should know about him and all of the wondrous things he did in our society. Winston is a great man who went to military school and fought for us. He grew up in a wealthy childhood, he had many privileges, and was a statesman of the 20th century. Winston achieved many great accomplishments in our history that need to be learned by other people my age so we can achieve things like Churchill has. Churchill has inspired me to go above and beyond my comfort zone and succeed with great things in life.

In the year of 1911, Winston started to pay less attention to local politics. Later, he became the First Lord to the administrator of the U.S. military. Realizing that Germany was becoming more aggressive, Winston began concocting Great Britain for war. He recognized the Royal Naval Air Service. Then, he reorganized the British fleet and invented on of the most recent and first tanks for war.

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