Winston Churchill

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Winston Churchill

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer- Churchill began his life of achivements on 1874 in Dublin,Ireland. His mother Lady Randolph Churchill and his father Lord Randolph Churchill sent him to a boarding school after almost failing 2 other schools in Dublin. Eventuly Churchill made plans to be a soldier but seeing incredaable people die was not the best for him. Soon after he became very interested in politics. After years of hard work he became a M.P. and went on to become th P.M. in 1940. As the Germans became more of a threat Winston began plans of an alliance to defeat the nazis. Not long after an attack got in London got Americas attention. With Franklin Roosavelt they fought off the nazis but in 1967 Britan lost someone very important. Although he is dead he will never be forgoten.


1874-Birth 1940- Became P.M. 1941- Alliance Made With U.S. 1965- Death

Winston Churchill had many acomplshments that will change Brian forever. His most effective achievement was helping to defeat the nazis. Some of his other helpful effects are updating the British navy and leading the milatary in the center of the battle just to motivate the brave soldiers.

Lasting Impact

Winston had many effects on the British but the most remarkable one was defeating the nazis entering Britan





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