Winnie The Pooh Bear

by TurtleTanis
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Winnie The Pooh Bear

Winnie The Pooh Bear

"I love winnie the pooh bear cartoon because is cute and funny and I not talking about my friends Isaac because his kind of old nickname was or is pooh bear lol (= I love the way he likes to eat honey its funny and I also love how he is clumsy that's also why I like winnie the pooh. But I love him because I used to watch winnie the pooh & plus I had alot of things that were winnie the pooh lol (= "

"The things that I used to have of winnie the pooh and still have are and were. I used to have lots of teddy bears of winnie the pooh & I also used to have the winnie the pooh bear movies or shows. I new I had some books of winnie the pooh but I don't no what happened to them? Now the things I do have of winnie the pooh are a blanket that I still use and don't juge me I got it when I was just a little girl. I only have a blanket of winnie the pooh & thats all I really need of winnie the pooh bear (= "

Winnie the Pooh Bear is adorable <3


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