Wings of Fire Review

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by LoganWolter
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Wings of Fire Review

SummaryWings of fire is a book series about a group of little dragons known as dragonets. They're names are Clay the Mud Wing, Tsunami the Sea Wing, Sunny the Sand Wing, Starflight the Night Wing, and Glory the Rain Wing and they try to end the war of pytheria.

DragonsBlue one = Tsunami Sea WingYellow one = Sunny Sand WingBlack one = Starflight Night WingGreen one = Glory Rain Wing ]Dark Red and orange one = Clay Mud WingLight Blue one = Winter Ice WingRed and Yellow one = Peril Sky Wing

Extra InformationThere are also 7 books in the series. (so far) and hopefully more coming soon. on the seventh book new dragonets come but you will haft to find out in the books.

Logan Wolter

Wings Of Fire

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