Wings of Fire: Dragonet Phrophocey

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Wings of Fire: Dragonet Phrophocey

By Tui T. Sutherland

Wings of Fire: Dragonet Phrophocey

Main EventsEscaping,Sky Wing Prison,Mud Wing Vilage.

Settings:Cave,Sky WingKingdom,Mud Wing Village.



Problem, conflict


What you think about the Book?

The queen has died and her three doughters are fighting over the throne Burn,Blister and Blaze (Left to right). Burns strong Blister is smart and Blaze is pretty. Blister new she would never be able kill burn on her own alyed the sea wings Burn copied her sister and alyed the Mud wings and Blister alyed the Ice wings and they are trying to stop the war (see Phrophocey).

They escape the prison and clay finds his sibs.

Here are eight resons I like Wings of Fire.1.There is a website.2.The website has a forum.3.There is a game.4.The editors are funny.5.A lot of people like it.6.Irs AWESOME!7.Its generly a good book.8.I want to have powers.Wow again eight resons just like they ecsaped the cave at age eight.


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