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The Philadelphia Aviation Country Club is the oldest and best known aviation club. It was built in 1929 just before World War II.

*Amelia Earhart once flew an airplane at Wings Field.*Presidents have used Wings Field.

Wings Field is 80 years-old!

Today Wings Field is a flight school where over 400 students can learn to fly.

You can fly me anywhere!

I believe I can fly!

Wings Field!

Wings Field has an interesting history as one of the oldest and best airports in the USA:* Airport lighting started at Wings Field.* Navy pilots avoided accidents because of a machine made at Wings Field.* The first autopilot was tested at Wings Field.*The largest airplane organization in the world started at Wings Field.* Wings Field helped during World War II.

Wings Field is a good neighbor by telling its aviators to fly safely, quitely, and to always consider thier neighbors.

Opeining Day was in 1930!

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