Wings by Aprilynne Pike

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Wings by Aprilynne Pike

If you have true friends, they'll be there no matter what. Through out the story Laurel faces many challenges and through it all David sticks by her side.

Took place in Cresent city and Orick. Laurel's new and old houseDavids houseThe woods behind Laurel's old house

Laurel- main character David- Laurels first friend when she moved, he wants to be moreChelsea- friend of David and LaurelTamani- Faerie, knew Laurel (and her best friend) before she was put into a human homeJeremiah - Troll(natural enemy to faeries)

WingsBy: Aprilynne Pike



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Laurel is the main character in this story. She's 15 and a fall faerie, which is the 2nd most rare type of faerie. In this story she finds out she's a faerie by meeting a strange guy in the woods. She later finds out its her childhood love and bestfriend, but now she's also in love with David.

The main conflict in this story deals with Laurels old house in Orick. On the land the house is on, is the gate to Avalon(the faeries home). Jeremiah set an offer buy the house so the trolls will have access to Avalon. Laurel has to fight to keep the land for herself and the other faeries while keeping it hidden.

To me the climax of the story would be when Laurel went to the woods and met Tamani. Tamani told her about everthing she was and why they put her in a human home. Laurel learned more about herself than she wanted to.


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