Winfield Scott

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Winfield Scott

-Both of Winfields parents were wealthy farmers.- Winfield was afraid that Zachary Taylor would win the Presidental election (which he did).- Abraham Lincoln replaced Winfield Scotts position with a younger person.- He received a gold metal for the battles he was in.-He was apart of Abraham's Cabinet.

Fun Fact!Winfields nickname is "Old Fuss and Feathers"

Fun Fact!Winfield Scott was a canidate for the whig party in 1852 for president but ended up losing. (Poor Winfield)

Winfield Scott

Winfield Scott was born June 13, 1786 in Dinwiddle Country, VA. Winfield studied law in college, but later left it behind to serve in the army. In the war of 1812 he was promoted to lieutenant colonel which led him to be a great major general in the 19th century.

On October 11, 1812 Winfield was captured at Queenston Height and was released. Also in 1838 Scott led a group of 7,000 men that helped force the Cherokee Indians from their land in Georgia. That was later known as the Trail Of Tears. ABout 4,000 of the 15,000 Cherokees died from lack of food and no protection from the cold. That made Winfield's career rise.


1813- Was badly burned at the attack of fort George.1821 - Scott wrote the "General Regulations for the army" 1847 - Captured Mexico City


Trail Of Tears


Zachary Taylor


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