Windsor Castle

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Windsor Castle

This is a video showing and explaining the insides of Windsor Castle and its surroundings!

Location: Berkshire, EnglandTypical Weather: TemperateEnvironment: Country-ruralWindsor Castle is man-made. It is made up of Bagshot Heath stone and the stones are mostly beige and gray. William the Conqueror built this castle in the 1070s.

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle is the biggest and the most populated castle around the globe and it has been of royalty for almost one thousand years. This palace remains active today to be used by the Queen for hosting visits from foreign monarchs and presidents.

This is the castle!!

St. George's Hall

St. George's Hall

An important attraction for many!!

In the 1170s, Henry II built again certain parts of the castle in stone. Edward III built an extension known as St. George’s Hall. However, the outer walls and the middle mound that Round Tower and Upper Ward depend on are original.

Windsor Castle is also a busy beehive due to all of visitors that want to see this important attraction. The State Apartments, precincts, the Albert Memorial Chapel, the dolls’ house of Queen Mary, and St. George’s Hall are available to the visitors.

3 Interesting Facts:Elizabeth I spent a much time at Windsor Castle. Windsor Castle is the location of the Order of the Garter and the family of loyalty stayed at Windsor Castle while World War II was occurring.


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