Winds and Air Masses

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Earth Sciences

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Winds and Air Masses

Winds & Air Masses

Air masses:*cold air sinks because it is more dense*hot air rises because it is less denseIt does the same thing on the earth as shown in this photo:

Convection currents are when the air above warm land heats, expands, becomes lighter, and rises. Also, rising air cools, contracts, becomes more dense, and sinks. Then the cold air replaces warm, rising air.

Local winds are small convection currents that happen locally over water and land.

Jet streams are a current of rapidly moving air in the upper atmosphere that occurs between air masses.

Global winds are the result of giant convection currents that circulate within the northern and southern hemispheres of the earth.

A warm front is when warm air climbs over and replaces cold air. It makes slow-moving, scattered clouds. The symbol is red semi-circles. The shapes point in the direction the front is travelling.

A stationary front is when neither air mass has enough force to move the other. This causes no change in weather for days. The symbol is a mix of the cold front and warm front symbols.

The Moving Air SongBy: Mr. Parr

A cold front is when cold air pushes under hot air. It causes rapid and severe weather changes. The symbol is blue triangles that point in the direction the front is travelling.

By: Sydney Zarlengo


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