Wind Turbines

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Wind Turbines

Wind turbines under 100 kilowatts cost about $3,000 to $8,000 per kilowatt of capacity.A 10 kilowatt machine, the size needed to power a large home, might have an installation cost of $50,000-$80,000 and up. However, it depends on factors including the size of the turbine. The larger the turbine, the more expensive.Wind turbine farms are the most cost-efficient use of wind energy.A farm containing seven 1.8 megawatt turbines would cost about $12.6 millioncosts an average of 4 to 10 cents per kilowatt hour in the United States.

Blades: The blades spin shaft which connects to a generator that produces electricity.Nacelle: The nacelle houses low-speed shaft, gearbox, high-speed shaft, and generator.Low-Speed Shaft: The low-speed shaft is the turning blades that spin this shaft 30-60 times per minute.Gearbox: gears in this box connect to low-speed shaft. they boost the rotation speed of the high-speed shaft to 1,000-1,800 rotations per minute.High-Speed Shaft: The high-sped shaft is a rapidly spinning shaft that drives the generator to produce electric powergenerator’s electrical output goes to a transformer that converts it to the right voltage for the larger electricity grid.


Wind is air in motion. Wind turbines use the blades to collect the wind's kinetic energy. Wind blows over the blades creating lift. This causes the blades to turn. The blades are connected to a drive shaft. The drive shaft turns an electric generator to produce electricity. Thegenerator’s electrical output goes to a transformer that converts the electrical output to the proper voltage for the larger electricity grid.

How Do Wind Turbines Work?


Our school in Bastrop, Texas should install wind turbines. Our small school does not consume a lot of electrical power. One wind turbine would complement the other power suppliers the school possesses. Using less of the environmentally harmful power generators that we currently use, such has burning fossil fuels, would be cost-efficient in the long-run as well as and energy-efficient. The environmental and long-term cost advantages outweigh the disadvantages that include the intial cost. Because the school is in a rural neighborhood that has many open acres of land, space is not an issue when it comes to setting up a wind turbine. Space is a factor when considering installing a wind turbine. Because wind turbines are large machines, placing one in an urban or metropolitan city would problematic. They would interfere with the buildings and monuments in the city. Since Bastrop is a rural neighborhood, the wind turbines would not interfere with anything. Also, Texas has the highest wind power capacity in the United States, 12,212 megawatts. This means that the wind turbine would be even more efficient due to the constant wind supply. Finally, this would give teachers the opportunity to teach students what wind turbines are, and the students would get to see what they are learning about first-hand. Overall, installing a wind turbine to complement the current power suppliers would be beneficial for our school.


Wind Power Recommendation


Wind turbines typically reduce utility bills by 50-90%.They don't produce any mechanical noise that could potentially disrupt the school. Additionally, theydon't pollute because no burning is involved. This is an abundant and inexhaustible way to obtain power. It isone of the cleanest, most sustainable ways to generate electricity. There is no pollution or global warming emissions. Wind turbines tend to be 30-40% efficient. This is a high percentage compared to other power generators.


A 10 kilowatt machine, the size needed to power a large home, might have an installation cost of $50,000-$80,000 and up. Additionally, wind turbines can be harmful to birds if they fly into a wind turbine.



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