Wind Turbines

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Wind Turbines

Parts of a wind turbine:-Blades, like wings on the top of the turbine-Nacelle, located near the generator-Tower, the metal cylinder -The base, the cement bottom of the turbine -Shaft, inside the turbine

Wind Turbines

Costs to make a wind turbine/farm- Utility use - $1.3 -$2.2 million- Commercial scale $3-$4 million - Less than 100 kilowatts is $3,000-$8,000- Wind farm = $1 billion for land and about $600 million for installation

Wind is the movement of air moving from a high pressure area to a low pressure area. Wind power is when a pocket of air forms on the downside of the blade. Low pressure air pulls the blade causing it to rotate, this is called lift. Drag is when the wind force hits the side of the blade. A combination of drag and lift causes the rotor to spin like a propeller which turns the shaft that spins the generator and creates electricity.Wind power is created by a rotor in the main shaft of the turbine.The wind passes over the blades creating lift causing them to turn.The blades turn a low-speed shaft inside the nacelle: gears connect the low speed shaft of the rotor with a high speed shaft that drives a generator. The slow rotation speed of the blades is increased to the high speed of generator revolution. Some wind turbines do not contain a gearbox and instead use a direct drive mechanism to produce power from the generator.The rapidly spinning shaft drives the generator to produce electric energy. Electricity from the generator goes to a transformer which converts it to the right voltage for the electricity grid. The electricity is then transmitted via the electricity network.


The best place to have a wind turbine is in the central or west-cental/rual area where it is windy. Also, the windmill should have lots of space to operate. One more thing is that the surface where the turbine is on should be smooth. For our example we said Malibu would be a good place for a wind turbine because of its spacious location.

By: Molly Wagner and Renee Kaplan

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Dirrius Wind Turbine

Savonius wind turbine


The advantages of having a wind turbine are that it is cost effictive, reliable, doesn't create pollution, and clean. The disadvantages are that they take up a lot of space, the movment is not consistent, noisy, and could kill birds. However, we still think having a wind farm is important because you'll end up saving a lot of money in the long run. This also benefits the envionrment because it creates little to no pollution .


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